Rotomolding, also called Rotational Molding, or Rotocast is a thermoplastic process that produces hollow parts.


Placing resin material into the mold and then rotating that mold in a oven until the resin material melts and coats the inside of the mold.

The mold is then cooled and the part is removed from the mold. The mold can now be prepped again to be refilled with plastic resin.

Rotational Molding Advantages:

  • Parts offer durability and strength

  • Consistent wall thickness

  • Mold castings cost lowered compared to other molding methods

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Rotomolding Process

Molded in Graphics

Need to add a company logo, warning sign, or instructions? With a mold in graphic: it's permanent, durable, tested UV, chemicals, weather resistant. We offer more customization to you plastic part.  We work with Mold in Graphics to create exactly what you need. A molded in graphic can offer your brand recognition.

Inserts are easily molded into your plastic part. No need for additional nuts or fittings. 

Molded in Inserts

Start From your

 idea to parts


Custom Colors

Getting the correct color you want. We use high-intensity mixing equipment that ensures proper color throughout the part, regardless of the size or how complex your mold is.